A Single Handed Sit 'n Go Poker Tournament

Many of you who are reading this already know how to play holdem, a few maybe you haven't. There are many different forms of poker available and seeing as many people watch poker on the tellie, so you may not be fully aware of all the different forms of poker. Here are our quick run down of single handed poker.

Trucials: This is a form of poker where you can bet twice in a round, whether its a raise or fold. It's really difficult to work out when you are going to win or lose so hopefully you are given enough time to play your cards properly.

BB (Before Byrd): This is the amount of the big blind, by this we mean the beginning of the amount of players who must place the bet before the blind hand is dealt. It varies in levels of money, expect to see £1-2 at the lowest end of the scale and the £5+ mark at the top end.

Big Blind (Big Blind): This is the biggest stake at the table by far. You sit at a table of 10+ players and the small blind will be such that they have no bearing on your ability to win the hand as your opponents have to bet before you get any cards. The blinds will always have a negative effect on your stack.

Big Slick ( term used to describe the play of a poker hand where the cards possess a pair or higher and the ace and king are high cards.

Bank Roll ( fund): All the money you bring into the poker room or casino to play poker. Can be used as buy-in, or in other words, the amount of money you are willing to spend to win or lose in the long run.

Betting Rally (prayer): Betting rallying referred to as pre-flop or flop. It is a custom or rule of thumb that the player with the highest cards must begin the betting.

Big Blind (Big Blind): The lowest stake in a sit and go. This is the automatic bet made before dealing the cards. You cannot opt to blind yourself unless you want to lose the money brought into the poker room.

Big Wheel (wheel): The term "Big Wheel" refers to the standard wheel used in many casinos and card rooms. The term is thought to have originated from the names of the wheels on the American wheels: "Eighter From Down, Little Horse, wheel of Fortune,otten Apple,mangled pickle".

Blackjack (v blackjack): This is the game with the highest house advantage. Blackjack is also known as twenty-one as the player has to make a decision and choose among the options available. Blackjack is a game of skill and some other elements of luck.

Boat Race: The game where the cards are dealt in a rotating clockwise direction. The player has to beat the dealer by having a total more than that of the dealer when they are playing "21". The term preceding this feature is Searchlight.

Bust (bust): This is the situation in a game in which the cards amount to less than ten. In this situation the player has to exchange a few cards to continue playing.

Button: The word "Button" is used to describe the dealer button turning in the direction away from the player. This word is often used in the games of poker to describe the dealer button.

Buy-in: In the case of a game there is a provision to make the players buy-in. It is known as "Table minimum". This involves the game being played with only one deck of cards and some extra rules.

Buy-in fee: This is the money used on the site to cover the costs of the game.

Call (Call): The player places a bet by matching the previous bet by amount.

Calling Station: This is the player who calls on another player.

Check (Check): This is the process of passing the bet to another player without a bet.

Check-Raise (Pass-Up): It consists in passing the bet and placing the bet before the game flop, turn or river. This is done to achieve a free-roll.

Chip (token): tokens used in the games of poker. The main advantage of tokens is that they can not be burned, marked, profaned, smelled or otherwise destroyed.

Check-Suit (Pass-Up): It consists in exchanging the last commercially accepted amount of cash to a higher amount on next hand.

Chip, Set: This is the set of 27 tokens. Each is made up of four tokens. An additional token can be placed on top of the last token.