How to Play Poker Tournament

With the Internet as a major source of information these days, there are a lot of poker players, poker books and poker training programs available to the average poker player. However, the vast majority of these programs and books provide only the most basic of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, and none of the pieces fit together.

Most poker books and material prepared by card sharks are written for the purpose of trying to sell you books and course materials from an author whose only motive is to get you to buy their book or to sell you something else. Many of these authors are talented poker players and many of them are also salesmen and what they do with their books and course material is show you how to make a lot of money by winning a lot of poker tournaments.

What is missing from a lot of the published pokerrepublik guides and material is an analysis of what you can actually do to improve your game so that you can win these tournaments. Can you actually win a poker tournament with your pocket aces cracked? Can you dominate a poker table with a complete bluff?

How about becoming a better poker player from the inside out? Can you kick the habit of gambling, whether at card rooms, on sports betting, or with any other venture? Can you do it without losing a ton of money?

The answer is yes to these questions and you can begin to realize this after you read this How To Play Poker Tournament Guide.

How To Play Poker Guide - Tip #1

Start by identifying the style of your opponent. Are they a calling station? Are they a lot of fun to play with? Or are they a pain in the ass to play against?

If you suspect you are playing against a calling station, you really need to step up your game and start value betting or re-raising.

How To Play Poker Guide - Tip #2

Multi-tabling is a great way to increase your rakeback earnings. Quite simply, if you play at least 5 or 6 sit and go tournaments (or cash games for that matter) you will earn enough rakeback to make around 100K (yes, there is such a thing as rakeback and definitely enough to earn that kind of cash) over the course of a year. Just multi-tabling will allow you to play at least 6 tables at a time, which will greatly increase your rakeback earnings.

How To Play Poker Guide - Tip #3

Prior to hitting the tables, start a spreadsheet on your computer to keep track of your gross rakeback earnings. I recommend that you start off at least at the $50 mark, but you can start as low as you want - a point you can get to is certainly up to your individual comfort.

Knowing your gross rakeback earnings is essential to receiving your monthly payout, throughout the year and in the process, you will be constantly earning returns on the rakeback deals that you sign up for - without depositing any money at all.

What about bonuses? Well, if you sign up through a rakeback provider bonus will of course always be available. Also, whenever you're ready to play poker, a rakeback provider can offer you a bonus of up to $500 absolutely free, no strings attached, absolutely yours for as long as you want to continue playing online poker.