Is Poker Stars Rigged? Discover Why You Get Bad Beats So often and How to Deal With Them

Ok, so you're playing online poker and you get a bad beat. It doesn't matter what happened, you win. However, a lot of online players seem to believe that Poker Stars is rigged. They post useless articles and videos on the subject, trying to prove that Poker Stars is rigged. They even link to to prove that the site is rigged. Let's examine these claims one by one and see why you get bad beats so often.

Most Players Know That Online Poker Is Not Rigged

Actually, most players already know that online poker is not rigged. However, they don't seem to want to accept the evidence that proves it. As a result, they continue to believe that Poker Stars is rigged, even though all evidence demonstrates that it's separate.

Why Do You Get Bad Beats?

If you play a lot of no limit poker, you are going to experience bad beats. For example, your pocket aces will lose to 8-8 again and again. Or, you may lose to pocket 6's or pocket thousands. Any time you go up against big pairs, you can expect to lose a lot, often to the hands you are beating.

The problem is that you can't change the way you play. When you sit to wait to get a premium hand, you can't possibly know when you will get a very good hand. And, you can't possibly expect to win when you truly do get a very good hand.

The drawer then pitchers up another problem. Most players think that the more hands they play, the more their chances of winning increase. However, the more hands you play, the more hands you face the possibility of losing.

You Can't Change The Way You Play

The fact about amateur poker players is that they believe anything they hear. They believe that playing loose will win them more pots than playing tight. They don't know the weaknesses of their own game. They confuse playing too tight with playing loose.

The Secrets To Playing Loose And Winning

If you want to win at poker, play loose. Playing tight will only result in more loss than win. In other words, when you tighten up, you are restricting your opponents from taking advantage of your game.

Playing aggressive is one of the most important skills you can develop as a poker player. Learn to nail other players' hands in one at the most opportune moment. For example, when your opponents aren't expecting you to be so aggressive.

Loose Poker - The Best Way To Play

Loose poker is the best way to play for maximum profits. As I explain in my e-book, The No B.S. Guide To Winning Online No Limit Texas Hold'em, the secrets to winning at this game are in playing loose and playing tight in conjunction.

Playing tight will allow you to win more pots than playing loose. The reason is simple. It is easier to win when you don't need a hand to win. When you are holding a great hand, players tend to THINK they have the best hand, and they tend to play back at you with a wider range of hands.

This can be a great advantage, but you have to be careful. Too tight and players will bluff at you more often. Too loose and players will continue to try and draw out hands. But, most importantly, playing loose is the most profitable for the serious poker player. You can play looser, but if you stick with a solid starting hand strategy, you will be able to win at this game more often than not.

The bottom line is that it is possible to win at dewapoker, but only if you specialize in a certain area. If you try to learn every possible trick you can, you will end up with very limited knowledge of poker and probably nothing that will help you win a pot of money. So, if you have a favorite poker subject that you truly adore, pick that subject up. That will probably be your greatest asset in learning how to win at poker.