A Review Of The Straight Tray For Th4fold

The Straight Tray for Th4fold is a replacement tray that can be used when your standard casino gaming chips cannot be found at the casino. Let us take a look at the features of the Straight Tray for Th4fold and see why this is such a handy product.

The chips that are normally used in casinos can be difficult to handle and most people are leftolding with chips that get bent, dropped and even scratched. By using a chip recovery tray, you are able to get back your pride and save your chips. You can gather your things and head home with a smile on your face.

The chips that come with the Straight Tray for TH4fold are made of high grade clay. The material is what is used in most of the casinos in Las Vegas and Reno. High grade clay is what is used in the best casinos in the world. The chips that come in this tray are ceramic; they are not made out of cheap plastic. They are high quality and charm the players' eyes when they are placed in front of them.

When you are looking at how these chips look in the tray, you would surely have a better idea of what you would buy if you use it. This is an excellent product that can be used in your home games. The only issue that you will come across is the labels that are attached to the chip trays. You can buy the chip trays without these labels, but we at least had the labels taken care of by the companies that make them.

You can buy different colored chips and this is great for giving you different denominations in your game. When you use the Straight Tray for TH4 Fold, you can place different color chips in it. This is a great feature that adds more to the realistic feel of the game.

You can buy these in sets of three or more players. That way, you can have a bigger save than if you were going to buy the individual trays of chips. When using multiple players' chips, you can spread the cost and do this as many times as you want.

The chips that come in the tray can be compressed to about 11.5 grams. This is heavy enough to use in the Vodka138 Poker Chips that come in a case. But, most chips that come in cases weigh about 11.5 grams so these are not really what you are after. You can also buy the chips in an aluminum case if you wish.

The aluminum case allows you to save space in your home and the amount of money that you spend on your poker games. This is a wonderful feature as you can only save space in your home and not spend money on chips that will go in a bag and never come out.

The clear case allows you to display your chips every place that you play so that your friends can see them and you can explain the rules of the rules. A friend would surely have something to say about your friendly game.

Poker is a great game that can teach you life lessons as well as make you rich. So, have fun!