What Is the Secret Behind the Odd-Even Lottery Number Strategy?

Do you want to know the secret behind playing the odd and even number lottery strategy? There was a time when I was in the same boat with you. Then again, my experiences were all very positive. Regardless what you may think, the Secret of success is not about how to play lotto. It's about how to play the game. You see, the experts know more than how to play lotto. They know the secret moves that can earn them millions. They know what lotto numbers to play and when to play them. And they also know how to protect themselves from being ripped off by cash- Grabbers.

What Is the Secret Behind the Odd - Even Lottery Number Strategy

I learned a long time ago that there are no successes until you are ready. AChargers fan, I was propositioned by a yelling Chargers fan with a microphone whom I later discovered was selling sheets of paper. They were called Chargers Green Poker Cards. They were competing with Purdue on the sale. Ironically, today I Sell My Picks t/shirt was selling pretty well too.

The old saying still holds true. Do your research. Come to your own conclusions. And accept the consequences as inevitable.

Correct Play of the Winning Numbers

Quick Recap

When you know the winning lotto numbers, play the same numbers for each drawing in the same manner. Choose Keluaran Sgp lottery numbers the same way you would when you are researching for your accurate Top Secret NL Texas Holdem Poker Tips.

My Secret NL Texas Holdem Poker Tips

  1. No Place Betting
  2. Only Play With What You Can Afford To Lose
  3. Fun Bets Are Very Expensive
  4. Don't Play With Your Life savings
  5. Work On Theirs, Not Theirs

Correct Play Of The Winning Numbers

Take a step back and relax. Think about what you are going to do with the money. Is it going to be right or wrong? It's very simple really. If you are against action, you aren't going to get anything done. It's too much effort, and you aren't an Action guy.

If you are in a hurry, and you don't have much time, you could play the lottery with your expired money or your rent money, or money you might have set aside for paying the bills. No sense in rushing things. Take the time to find a solution that makes you comfortable.

What you are about to learn is called wise aware betting, wise betting is making bets that are going to have a positive expected value, or positive difference between the amount you win, and the amount you set as a bet.

When you do, you will find that your wise betting habits, will bring you in hundreds or thousands of dollars over your first couple of weeks of playing. Take that money and go buy yourself a brand new car or go on a hot trip. That's one of the keys to successful sports gambling.

Clever Sports Bettor's Paradise

Another advantage in wise aware betting is that it is very profitable, and beating the bookies can take you from broke to a millionaire, or at least get you enough in your pocket to pay your monthly bills, if you need them.

The way to do it is to take your favorite sport and betting system and make it into your own sports betting Paradise. You will already know that betting in a different sport in another country or the NFL is not going to be nearly as profitable as betting on US sports. The reason is the difference in sports books and players. The books are subject to the same factors as the normal betting game, and they rise up and down as the prices go up and down, if they have the right odds, and the players, as we know, have a whole lot to say about the outcome of the game, but we will leave that for you to discover.

You will learn that for a book to be profitable, the odds have to be very attractive, because the rewards are going to be very low. The book will have certain odds that appeal to you, and if you can buy enough times at a book with high enough odds, you will eventually win enough times to make the difference in your bankroll.

In simple terms, if you bet $100 on the favourite, and $500 on the underdog, you will make $1,000 and you will lose $1,500, but you have a guaranteed $1,000 profit, no matter what.

You will be interested to learn that many successful bettors have made this play, and you will be up at almost every bet with the right odds, patiently waiting for the right bet to come along.